Water becomes antioxidant (- ORP) and enriched with hydrogen

Water disinfection

Destruction of viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores of all types and forms by 99.9999%

Optimal mineral composition

All useful natural microelements (calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, lithium and iodine) are preserved in the purified water

Great taste

Restoration of the natural taste of glacial water with the elimination of unpleasant odor, color and turbidity

The benefits of antioxidants

Water becomes antioxidant (ORP -50 ... -150 mV) and enriched with hydrogen

Natural energy

Antioxidant water (like mountain glacial water) cleanses and regenerates the body at the cellular level, while being a source of additional energy for humans

Efficiency and safety

The efficiency of EMERALD devices has been confirmed by research in Russia, Japan, Germany, USA, Great Britain, Czech Republic, India, Mexico, Malta and Cyprus.

High performance

EMERALD HOME 60 device operates on cold tap water producing up to 60 liters of healthy drinking antioxidant water per hour.*


60 liters per hour of purified antioxidant water


Purification costs of 1000 liters of water is 3 USD

Electricity consumption

The device consumes no more than 60 W per hour (like a light bulb)


Full water disinfection by 99,9999% and ORP reduction by -200 ... -550 mV

*The technical features of other EMERALD HOME devices can be found in the catalogue and the operating manuals.


Professional systems for producing an all-purpose ecological disinfectant Anolyte ANK SUPER from water and salt using electrochemical activation (ECA) technology.

Broad spectrum of action

Anolyte ANK SUPER is effective against all types and forms of pathogenic microflora (bacteria, mycobacteria, viruses, fungi, spores).

No resistance

Long term use of Anolyte in medical institutions without substitution for other agents has proven the complete absence of microbial habituation to this agent.

Metastable oxidants

Active agents in Anolyte ANK SUPER is a metastable mixture of chlorine-oxygen and hydroperoxide oxidants, equivalent in composition to the mixture being formed in all living beings during phagocytosis.

Effective active agents

The main active agents of Anolyte ANK SUPER are hypochlorous acid, hydrogen peroxide, ozone and singlet oxygen.

Nature-like solution

Anolyte ANK SUPER is an environmentally friendly solution which is harmless to humans and animals and can be used in any form of application (irrigation, immersion, wiping, soaking, fog, foam, ice).

Ease of use

Does not leave a residue on smooth surfaces when dry, does not initiate corrosion of metals, is practically odorless, requires no neutralization or disposal.


EMERALD STEL 20 device produces 20 liters per hour of ecological disinfectant Anolyte ANK SUPER from fresh water and salt using electrochemical activation technology (ECA)*

High performance

The device produces 20 liters per hour of Anolyte ANK SUPER


The production costs of 1000 liters of Anolyte ANK SUPER is 3 USD

Electricity consumption

No more than 20 watt per 1 liter of Anolyte ANK SUPER


Anolyte ANK SUPER fully kills anthrax spores in 1 second

*The technical features of other EMERALD STEL devices can be found in the catalogue and the operating manuals.

Nature-like technologies!

All processes of water purification and activation in EMERALD devices are as close as possible to what happens with water in living nature.

It became possible to repeat natural processes due to the creation by Vitold Bakhir (doctor of technical sciences, prof.) of the unique electrochemical modules, which are the main elements of all EMERALD devices.

Electrochemical modules consist of two flown-through chambers (anode and cathode), separated by a ceramic diaphragm. It is in these chambers, under the influence of positive and negative currents at the anode and cathode, that the unique and nature-prompted processes of electrical water treatment are repeated.

Electrochemical modules of the new generation have an inexhaustible resource of 2 million liters of activated water and do not require periodic replacement!


Feedback from experts and scientists on the effectiveness of EMERALD devices and the usefulness of anolyte and catholyte

When we understand how water exists in its natural form, it will become clear to us that natural water absolutely differs from the one flowing in our water taps or sold in bottled containers in stores. Liquid does not mean water!

Richard Cohen Doctor of Medical Sciences

Healthy water is the antioxidant water with a high reduction potential (- ORP), free from chemical contamination. So as to have an everyday source of healthy antioxidant water for drinking and cooking, one must have a water purifier with ionization (activation) functions.

Hiromi Shinya Doctor of Medical Sciences

Electrochemical activation (ECA) is not only a highly effective technology for purification, conditioning and reagent-free conversion of water into functionally useful solutions for various purposes, but also a new philosophy of preserving nature and human health.

Arkady Tomilov Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Emerald devices for production of antioxidant drinking water are non-toxic and meet all the requirements of regulatory documents. According to test results EMERALD devices meet the necessary requirements of toxicological, hygienic and sanitary-chemical standards.

Boris Leonov President of the Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Anolyte is a disinfectant with a wide spectrum of action (bacteria, mycobacteria, viruses, fungi, spores) to which microflora is not able to develop resistance. Anolyte is harmless to humans and animals, environmentally friendly, universal and safe for any form of application (irrigation, immersion, wiping, soaking, aerosol, foam, ice). Moreover, anolyte leaves no residue on smooth surfaces after drying, does not initiate corrosion of metals and is practically odorless.

Vitold Bakhir Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Author of electrochemical activation technology

Taking into account the results of experimentation which have been conducted for several months and the full range of the received data on the impact of antioxidant drinking water from EMERALD devices to warm-blooded animals, it is possible to recommend the use of these devices for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes, in particular for people engaged in hard physical and mental labor, persons with weakened immunity as well as for pregnant women.

Victor Toropkov Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of the St. Petersburg Medical Academy named after I.I. Mechnikov


EMERALD devices are certified according to the European CE and ROHS standards and comply with the sanitary and epidemiological, hygienic and technical requirements of the European Union.

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