Mixed Oxidants solution from EMERALD devices is the best-known ecologically safe and economically feasible reagent in the world for water disinfection and oxidation of various impurities like color, iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide and harmful organic compounds (hormones, antibiotics, phenols, etc.).


Living water for your health!

For apartments, offices and country houses. 

Healthy drinking water with antioxidant properties, purified from microbes and microbial toxins, heavy metal ions and harmful organic compounds.

  • Restoration of natural antioxidant properties of water and enrichment of water with molecular hydrogen
  • Purification of water from viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores of all types and forms by 99.9999%
  • Preservation of all useful microelements: calcium, magnesium , sodium , potassium , lithium , iodine


EMERALD TURBO devices are designed for purification of any fresh, brackish or sea water from microbes and biofilms, iron (including ironoxidizing bacteria), manganese, hydrogen sulfide, heavy metals and harmful organic compounds (hormones, antibiotics, phenols , etc.)

  • Purification of any fresh, brackish or seawater, including the pretreatment of seawater before desalination in RO or MSF systems;
  • Complete disinfection of water with destruction of all types and forms of microorganisms and microbial toxins;
  • Complete removal of iron (including iron-oxidizing bacteria), manganese and hydrogen sulfide;
  • Removal of organic compounds, including hormones, antibiotics, anabolics, antidepressants, phenols, oil-products;
  • Elimination of color, turbidity and odor of water;
  • Removal of heavy metal ions.


Cold flame in your hands. EMERALD STEL devices are professional systems for producing an all-purpose ecological disinfectant Anolyte ANK SUPER from water and salt using electrochemical activation (ECA) technology.

  •  Anolyte ANK SUPER is effective against all types and forms of pathogenic microflora (bacteria, mycobacteria, viruses, fungi, spores);
  •  Microorganisms are unable to develop resistance to Anolyte ANK SUPER due to the metastable structure of its active agents;
  •  The main active agents of Anolyte ANK SUPER are hypochlorous acid, hydrogen peroxide, ozone and singlet oxygen;
  •  Anolyte ANK SUPER is harmless to humans and animals and can be used in any form of application (irrigation, immersion, wiping, soaking, fog, foam, ice).


A  new word in industrial water and wastewater disinfection. EMERALD AQUACHLOR devices synthesize from water and table salt a highly effective and safe mixed oxidant solution for the disinfection of drinking water, seawater, wastewater and swimming pool water in any place and quantity.

The composition of the oxidant solution is represented by chlorine in the most active form of hypochlorous acid (95–96%), chlorine dioxide (3–4%), ozone (0.5–1.0%), and hydroperoxide compounds (hydrogen peroxide, singlet oxygen) contained in microdroplets of moisture (0.2–0.5%). Each component of the oxidant solution is certified for drinking water disinfection.


Compact and safe modular chlorine-caustic plants. ECOCHLOR devices are compact, environmentally friendly, high-performance modules for the production of chlorine and caustic soda solution on site by electrolysis of an ordinary sodium chloride solution.

  • The devices allow to exclude expenses for maintenance of chlorine plants by foreign companies which produces membrane electrolysers and membranes like NAFION;
  • The new generation of ECOCHLOR modular devices has a capacity from 0.5 to 6.0 kilograms of chlorine per hour and allows to completely replace chlorine plants with environmentally friendly chlorine and caustic soda production at the place of consumption, eliminating the need for chlorine drying, transportation, chlorine storage, as well as the safety and security system for chlorine handling;
  • ECOCHLOR devices can also produce hydrochloric acid with concentration of 20-30%.

EMERALD – the world’s leading electrochemical systems

MIXED OXIDANTS WATER disinfection and purification

On-site disinfectants and detergents synthesis

Safe chlorine gas and caustic soda production


produces compact modular electrochemical devices that are unparalleled
in the world and allow in any location and quantity without the use
of harmful chemicals the:

  • Disinfection and purification of drinking water, seawater,
    wastewater and swimming pool water.
  • Synthesis of environmentally friendly disinfectants and detergents.
  • Safe on-site production of chlorine gas, hydrogen, as well as a whole
    range of acids and alkalis, including sodium hydroxide, hydrochloric
    acid, hypochlorous acid, hydrogen peroxide.

ECA technology in numbers and facts

Manufacturing data over 25 years of ECA system worldwide active development:

2 000 000

2 000 000 MB-type electrochemical modules;

300 000

300 000 devices for water disinfection and purification;

60 000

60 000 devices for production of ecological disinfectant;

1 500

1 500 devices for industrial disinfection of drinking water, wastewater, swimming pool water.

Great experience

47 years of successful research and development in the field of electrochemical activation (ECA)

The creators of ECA technology

Electrochemical activation technology (ECA) was created by Vitold Bakhir (D.Eng., prof.) and his team in the 1970s. Since then Vitold Bakhir and his team of experts are constantly improving the technique and technology of ECA.

World recognition

The authors of ECA technology have received more than 400 patents in 50 countries of the world. More than 1000 different studies have been carried out both in Russia and abroad, confirming the effectiveness and safety of the use of ECA technologies in various sectors of the economy and different spheres of life.

Rich history

ECA technologies were being developed behind closed doors for the needs of the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the oil and gas industry of the USSR, therefore, they have not yet received wide publicity.

Breakthrough technologies

In 2016 a brand-new electrochemical module was created which is tens of times superior to its traditional counterparts - diaphragm electrolyzers and electrochemical modules of the previous generations

The first in the world

It is from our inventors that people in Russia and abroad have heard for the first time about the technologies of ``living`` and ``dead`` water and many other things connected with electrochemical activation technologies.


Feedback from experts and scientists on the effectiveness of EMERALD devices and the usefulness of anolyte and catholyte

When we understand how water exists in its natural form, it will become clear to us that natural water absolutely differs from the one flowing in our water taps or sold in bottled containers in stores. Liquid does not mean water!

Richard Cohen Doctor of Medical Sciences

Healthy water is the antioxidant water with a high reduction potential (- ORP), free from chemical contamination. So as to have an everyday source of healthy antioxidant water for drinking and cooking, one must have a water purifier with ionization (activation) functions.

Hiromi Shinya Doctor of Medical Sciences

Electrochemical activation (ECA) is not only a highly effective technology for purification, conditioning and reagent-free conversion of water into functionally useful solutions for various purposes, but also a new philosophy of preserving nature and human health.

Arkady Tomilov Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Emerald devices for production of antioxidant drinking water are non-toxic and meet all the requirements of regulatory documents. According to test results EMERALD devices meet the necessary requirements of toxicological, hygienic and sanitary-chemical standards.

Boris Leonov President of the Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Anolyte is a disinfectant with a wide spectrum of action (bacteria, mycobacteria, viruses, fungi, spores) to which microflora is not able to develop resistance. Anolyte is harmless to humans and animals, environmentally friendly, universal and safe for any form of application (irrigation, immersion, wiping, soaking, aerosol, foam, ice). Moreover, anolyte leaves no residue on smooth surfaces after drying, does not initiate corrosion of metals and is practically odorless.

Vitold Bakhir Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Author of electrochemical activation technology

Taking into account the results of experimentation which have been conducted for several months and the full range of the received data on the impact of antioxidant drinking water from EMERALD devices to warm-blooded animals, it is possible to recommend the use of these devices for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes, in particular for people engaged in hard physical and mental labor, persons with weakened immunity as well as for pregnant women.

Victor Toropkov Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of the St. Petersburg Medical Academy named after I.I. Mechnikov


EMERALD devices are certified according to the European CE and ROHS standards and comply with the sanitary and epidemiological, hygienic and technical requirements of the European Union.

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