EMERALD TURBO devices are designed for purification of any fresh, brackish or sea water from microbes and biofilms, iron (including ironoxidizing bacteria), manganese, hydrogen sulfide, heavy metals and harmful organic compounds (hormones, antibiotics, phenols , etc.)

  • Purification of any fresh, brackish or seawater, including the pretreatment of seawater before desalination in RO or MSF systems;
  • Complete disinfection of water with destruction of all types and forms of microorganisms and microbial toxins;
  • Complete removal of iron (including iron-oxidizing bacteria), manganese and hydrogen sulfide;
  • Removal of organic compounds, including hormones, antibiotics, anabolics, antidepressants, phenols, oil-products;
  • Elimination of color, turbidity and odor of water;
  • Removal of heavy metal ions.

Аdvantages for drinking water purification

  • Suitable for residences, apartment and office buildings, cafes, hotels, spas and fitness centers, industrial plants.
  • Effective water pretreatment before RO.
  • Suitable for different types of water: wells, rivers, lakes, seawater, sewage.
  • Complete water disinfection with the destruction of biofilms.
  • Removal of iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide.
  • Removal of harmful organic compounds, including hormones, antibiotics, anabolics, antidepressants, phenols and other pharmaceuticals.
  • Elimination of color, turbidity and odor (the removal of humic acids, organic and bacterial iron, phenols and hydrogen sulfide).
  • Removal of heavy metal ions by converting them into insoluble hydroxides with further mechanical filtration

Capacity 1,000 l/h, Residential version

Capacity 5,000 l/h, Swimming pool version

Аdvantages for swimming pool water purification

  • The world’s best technology for water disinfection by an environmentally friendly oxidant solution (hypochlorous acid, hydrogen peroxide, ozone, chlorine dioxide, singlet oxygen).
  • The world’s only technology capable of removing all biological effluvia from bathers’ bodies (urine, sweat, blood, saliva, etc.) including epithelial cells in the swimming pool water.
  • Reduction of hazardous chemical reagents usage: disinfectants, pH
    correctors, coagulants, flocculants, algicides.
  • The formation of slime, mold, algae and biofilms is completely eliminated. No need for a complete cleaning of the pool associated with water drainage and seasonal shutdown of swimming pools.
  • EMERALD TURBO installation doesn’t require changes in the hydraulic scheme of the pool.
  • There is no chlorine smell in the water, neither eye, nor skin irritation.

EMERALD TURBO technological scheme

Cathode water treatment
Mechanical filter
Anode water treatment
Mechanical filte

Summarized results of water treatment quality in laboratories in Russia, USA, UK, Czech Republic, India, Mexico, Lithuania, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Malta, Cyprus*

Disinfection of water at 300 colony-forming units (CFU) per 1 ml in source water, % 99.9999
Odor elimination at 20°C, % 95–99
Anodic oxidation of divalent iron ions at their concentration in source water of 3 mg/l, % 90–99
Surfactants elimination at their concentration in source water of 3 mg/l, % 90–99
Permanganate index decrease at the initial level in source water of 10 mg/l, % 80–99
Heavy metals, iron hydroxides, manganese and hydrogen sulfide removal, % 80–99

* [Bakhir V. M., Panicheva S. A., Prilutsky V. I., Panichev V. G. ELECTROCHEMICAL ACTIVATION: INVENTIONS, SYSTEMS, TECHNOLOGY. M., 2021, ISBN 978-5-600-03153-1, 506–509 p.].

Completed projects

Experimental water treatment in a 16 m3 pool using EMERALD TUBRO technology. In 30 hours purified water has absolute microbiological safety, perfect transparency and fresh smell. Russia, Vladimir region, 2023.

EMERALD TURBO 5000 provides complete swimming pool water purification and disinfection in a luxury spa center. No need for constant purchases of reagents for water treatment, perfect transparency of water, no chlorine smell. Russia, Moscow region, 2023

Example of a typical EMERALD TURBO 1000 installation in a residence.

Economic feasibility of EMERALD TURBO devices

Basic criteria Value Notes
Purification cost of 1,000 liters of water $ 0.014 This figure is, on average, 10 times less than the cost of water treatment in industrial reverse osmosis (RO) systems. It takes on average only 100 watts of electricity, 5 grams of table salt (NaCl) and 1 liter of water to purify 1000 liters of fresh water.
No replaceable or fast-wearing parts Yes The main components are durable and resistant to wear and tear.
Average payback period (ROI) 2 years
Average device lifespan 12 years In total: 10 years of profit + preserving the Planet’s ecology!

EMERALD TURBO devices product line

Model Performance in disinfected drinking water, l/h Maximum swimming pool volume, m3 Power consumption, no more than, W Table salt (NaCl) consumption per 1000 liters of purified water, grams Dimensions, WxHxD, mm Net weight, kg
EMERALD TURBO 1000 1,000 80 300 5 600х1300х500 42
EMERALD TURBO 5000 5,000 250 600 5 600х1600х600*
EMERALD TURBO 10000 10,000 500 1,200 5 600х1600х600*

* Dimensions and net weight of the electrochemical unit of the Device.
** Dimensions and net weight of the filtration unit of the Device.